Reviews: 7 Inches Of Love

March 2000 – Double Crown Records DCCD08 – USA
The Apemen’s complete 7″vinyl releases, compilation album tracks, 1 unreleased track and two live tracks.

The Original Issue of the Seven Inches Of Love CD

Songs: (Bajjad / Crunch / Invasion Of The Apemen / Cruisin’ / Intoxica / Percolator Stomp / Pogo-A-Go-Go / Toronado / Surf Dracula / Bahareeba / When Johnny Comes Wreckin’ home / Shake Your Hoover / Squad Car (unreleased) / Surf Party (live) / Miserlou (live)

Moon Dawg
The new comp of old Apemen singles, “7 Inches of Love”, is great high-octane punksurf. Anybody who hasn’t heard their cover of the ’60s oz-surf-monster tune “Bajjad” (previously available only on vinyl) should get it for that alone.
Jim 9th WAVE
Has anyone procured the recently unleashed Apemen disc “7 Inches of Love” and pray tell, what is the verdict? I did. Buy It. I just received it yesterday and have been listening to it virtually nonstop since. The liner notes say it best: “no more need to search for those damn hard to find seven inch wonders of the world.” After I bought “Surfvival of the Onbeschofste” a few years ago, I
desperately wanted more..and now I have it. So, if you like the Apemen (even if you already own these 7″s and their CDs), buy this disc, ’cause there’s some unreleased stuff on here, too, including 2 songs recorded with Phil Dirt at KFJC.
Jim 9th WAVE #2
The Apemen live in action

© M. Smeets –

Thought I would echo a few sentiments recently posted about two of the latest & greatest surf albums to hit the streets in recent weeks, The Apemen’ s “7 Inches of Love,” and the Space Cossacks’ much-anticipated sophmore effort, “Tsar Wars.”
Since I received the Apemen two days before the Cossacks, I’ll mention them first. Until now, I was among the many Apemen aficionados that owned but a small portion of their catalog.

My initial introduction to the band was with “Pogo A Go-Go” on the Estrus Cocktail Companion cd, after which I felt I must have more. Fortunately, I was able to get “Surfvival of…” & revelled in its distorted, double-picking glory. So, when Sean announced to the world that he was releasing a collection of Apemen material comprising the bulk of their 7″ career, I was stoked to say the least. The disc is really good, including manic versions of “Intoxica” & “Squad Car” as well as many hits from “Surfvival…” (although different versions). For those of you, like me, that don’t own any of their 7″s, this disc is perfect- for those of you that do have their vinyl, its still great for the unreleased stuff. I highly recommend it.

I must second Dr. Dawg on this one. I’ve been really enjoying the CD, and it’s a Godsend for all of the people that have been having a hard time finding any of the Apemen CDs. 16 tracks, 3 previously unavailable (an OK version of Squad Car, and two live tracks, Miserlou and Surf Party, from KFJC), 5 previously unavailable on CD (though of the five, three appear in different recordings on their two CDs). All in all, you get four songs from the “Are You Being Surfed” CD, and six tracks from the “Surfvival of de…” CD, which is a really nice overview. But be forewarned that once you hear these tracks you may decide that you’ve gotta have the other two CDs! And for anybody that isn’t familiar with these surfin’ simians, let’s just say that this is about as raucous as surf music gets. Hardcore drumming, a roughly distorted guitars in full double-picking mode 90% of the time, and eerie, dissonant songs. Not for the purely trad of heart, but nonetheless high-energy, fun music. For the fans, this is a must-have you get nine tracks that are not on their two CDs. It’s a winner all the way around!
A fan reaction – Sent in by mail
The Apemen pictures and videos

© Peter Jacobs –

I received my copy via my DoubleCrown subscription and have been remiss in not writing about it sooner. It has been in and out of my CD player at work, rotating through with Tsar Wars, The Surf Kings (up from the depths), a Cocktail Preachers CDR, and the new Sir Finks (…Boss!!!). All of them great, great albums. But I can say one thing about 7 inches that sets it apart. The day it came I ran into a non-Cowabunga surf/instro friend in a bar and shouted across the room: “Hey Tim, do you have 7 inches of love, yet? No? Well, I’ve got 7 inches of love I want to lend you!” I mean really? What other album lets you do that?
KFJC’s Phil Dirt THE APEMEN “24 Hours From Tulsa” ****
The revitalized Apemen are less reverbed and more go-go oriented on this track. Their thick guitar driven sound and intense organ churn give this a whole new meaning. Still melodic and fluid, it leaves the syrupy elevators of Bacharachia to blast in the garages of suburbia. very cool. Miserable Without It!

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