Reviews: Intoxica!

Summer 1993 – Demolition Derby Records DD002- BELGIUM

intoxica by The Apemen with Monomen

Songs: Intoxica / Dragstrip=MONOMEN

TT, SnipeHunt magazine #17
The Monomen power up the dragstrip with a wave of choppy guitar work on a simple 12-bar number that they do well to make interesting. The Apemen are out of their trees and onto the sand for a beach party with this dynamic reading of Ïntoxica”. Their vitality and powerful sound are captured well here. Definitely a band to watch out for. This single is likely to become a much prized rarity, snap it up now!

The Apemen at the Coffin Carnival Festival in Eindhoven, The Netherlands 2012

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Gleaned from the liner notes: “This is a 7 inch record. Not a CD wanker!”Yes, yes , yes. I concur as a man still sitting here, three years into the nineties and possessing no CD player. That’s why i get all the vinyl. And yeah!, I friggin’ dig it! In this monster surf showdown, the upstart Apemen decision The Monomen on all cards. Their Intoxica just has more pure surf flavor from stem to stem. Check out the dropped tube amp ending. It sounds like a splash, honest. Plus, the crazy horse war whoops give it some unexpected bossness. Purist will dig both sides of this import from Holland.

Monomen play their surf version of the FenderBenders hit “Dragstrip” which was recorded live at GarageShock’93. The “Men” prove with this tune not everything they do has to be as heavy as The Sonics. The apemen throw technology (of all kinds) out the window with their take of “Intoxica”. One take, one track recording and dirty as hell. This is vinyl buddy boy!
Maximum rock and Roll MC #125
Every ten years there seems to be a revival of 60’s garage and surf instrumentals. This is the latest of a giant and rapidly growing gim. Both bands offer good material, but then again in this genre you can’t go too far wrong. Collectors of the genre will want to pick this up. Serious collectors may want to pick up a bank loan.


S.H. FACE 35 Février Mars 1994 ABUS Dangereux
Après une première livraison live(aux qualités sonores discutables) réunissant Les Mummies et Supercharger, les belges de Demolition Derby récidivent avec les très sollicités MonoMen et les moins populaires hollandais Apemen. Pour les premiers, línstrumental “Dragstrip” n’apporte vraiment rein de pertinent á une discographie déjà longue comme le bras. Les seconds, que je découvre ici, reliftent en bons artisans un vieux standard surf. Difficile de se faire un avis, ou de tomber á la renverse.

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