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“Who knows; maybe someday you will join the Chosen Few. A secret handshake club of individuals who get selected through black magic rituals and receive the devine privilege of carrying our guitar cases… Cheers!”

“Hallo Pardolul! Que tal señor, I´m back at home wasting my time with a very relaxing life. Only a couple of gigs this month but next month it´s gonna be fucking crazy, 20 gigs in 20 days man!!!, this week i´ll start with fitness and vitamines and of course with jerking off. here i send you some of the pictures i took the other day. El white negro, Jorge”

Yo Boss, This is Dave the Wave (the Rockin’ Engineer) comin’ atcha on a bullet. Gotta have that Live CD. I guess I’ll stash the cash so I can get the trash. I go apeshit for the Apemen, if you know what I mean and I think you do. So I’ll hide the dough so that Postal inspector Johnny Lightfingers doesn’t look too thoroughly. I got everything else. Dave the Wave (the Rockin’ Engineer)

PS: Do you guys really wear panties? Must be a Dutch boy thing. I’m a boxer man myself. But whatever tickles your pickle. Ape panties – what will you think of next?(notice – they didn’t have a fire sale on question marks on my computer – but maybe your finger got stuck on the trigger. Happens to the best of ’em)

Dave, Stuur mij die 300 gulden zo snel mogelijk door en ik zal het door de vingers zien!!!!! Want ik heb nog aanvragen binnen voor The Apemen!!!!!! Dat festival in Arendonk is 15 januari, maar die kunnen maar xxxx gulden geven = voor jullie!!!!!!! Ik heb daar geen % op maar ik heb daar een andere band staan (Big Ray & The Futuras=Boston,US)!!!!!! Bevestig zo snel mogelijk !!!!!!!!! tot ziens Gert. Hopelijk loopt het daar niet uit de hand,anders kan je Belgie op uw buik schrijven=vergeten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ok !!!!

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