7 Inches Of Love CD re-released

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The Apemen 7+ inches of loveBack by dope demand! Double Crown Records is re-releasing the CD of singles and comp tracks from 2000. Out again on february 26th.

It’s a reissue of one Double Crown Records most popular CDs – the Apemen’s 7 Inches Of Love, remastered with four bonus tracks! All of your favorites from their 7″ singles and compilations are here, along with a few unreleased studio recordings and live tracks. Spectacular new artwork as well, from band member Jeroen Van De Sande. Discovery why the Apemen were one of the forerunners of the mid-90’s surf movement, with classics such as “Toronado”, “Percolator Stomp” and “Pogo A Gogo”. The continue to wow audiences today, at surf festivals all over Europe, as well as club shows in their native Holland.

Tracks: Bajjad – Crunch – Invasion Of The Apemen – Cruisin’ – Intoxica – El Tortura – Percolator Stomp – Pogo a Gogo – Toronado – Surf Dracula (45 version) – Baha-Ree-Ba – When Johnny Comes Wreckin’ Home – Shake Your Hoover (alternate) – Squad Car – Het Grote Surffeest (live at KFJC) – Miserlou (live at KFJC) – Queen Jacula (live) – Cor Steijn Rides The Wild (live) – Toronado/Bongo Bongo (live) – 24 Hours From Tulsa

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