The Apemen

Are you ready for star time?!

Utterly ridiculous yet infinitely cool! Good god! The Apemen are stronger than ever! With the re-release of the Apemen 7 Inches Of Love CD and several upcoming (international) gigs this year has already started out most excellent. We even got our first official Apemen t-shirts printed up. A great design with an illustration by the talented Pieter M. Dorrenboom. And who knows we might do the unthinkable and record some new stuff in the near future. Yeah we’re a bunch of lazy sods. But when we DO come out of our caves it’s with an 110%, full throttle, no holds barred, take no prisoners, scorched earth attitude. We think you get the point…..

Check out the stuff The Apemen released over the years…

Dig the Apemen discography or read the rave reviews!

  • The Apemen - Seven Inches Of Love
    7+ Inches Of Love CD
  • The Original Issue of the Seven Inches Of Love CD
    7 Inches Of Love CD
  • Surfvival Of The Onbeschofste by The Apemen
    Surfvival LP / CD
  • The Apemen - El Tortura - Estrus Records USA
    El Tortura 7"
  • Sounds Of The Apemen
    Sounds o/t Apemen 7"
  • The Apemen - Are You Being Surfed? Debut LP / CD
    Are You Being Surfed? LP/CD
  • intoxica by The Apemen with Monomen
    Intoxica! 7"
  • Invasion Of The Apemen - Kogar Records
    Invasion o/t Apemen 7"

God bless, you sinners! Unlike so many other bands in the “genre”, The Apemen didn’t release a record EVERY WEEK! Filled with some shitty, and badly recorded, lame cover-tunes. Hell No! The Apemen chose for quality over quantity and are proud of it! Continue Reading…

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